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City of Bikaner is located 28°1' of East Longitude and 73°19' North Latitude with 797 ft. average altitude. Being closer to 'Thar Desert' the summer temperature rises above 48° centigrade and winters come down to 4° centigrade. In the area of alkaline and saline soil, Amberwalla Vegetarian Restaurant is situated on Station Road, Bikaner.

Amberwalla Restaurant was established in 1977, with thought of felisitating bikanerians with tasty jest of home made food. We cater mesmirising foods, may it be Indian, Chinese, Hurricane Mocktails or Non-alcholic beverages. Adding to our credentials, we proudly proclaim to be bench markers with a delicious food receipes, fully satisfying our esteemed visitors with vibrant vegetarian zealous table layouts.

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Competition Winner 500
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Year of Experience 12
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Regular Clients 7896
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Skilled Chefs 600
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